Alarmen offers mellow, but still slightly distorted electronica: Light-weighted glitch-sounds meet like-minded cautious rhythms, dark ambient meets IDM. The one man project from Thuringia/Germany was founded in 2000 and is active in public since 2001. The project collaborated with Betriebsdruck, Sphercial Disrupted, Kaos Interim, Stimulus Response on releases as well as on stage. The musical output includes several releases on CD, CDr and as netreleases plus several contributions to compilations. On stage Alarmen was present at different festivals, including Maschinenfest, Elektroanschlag and Schachtfrequenz and other concerts in Germany. The self built home of Alarmen is audiophob, which Carsten founded together with Mirko (Spherical Disrupted) in 2004.

The last full length release "Xenotop" dates back to 2019 and was accompanied by a remix release from 2020 called "Xenoform" available for free as digital download. The most recent work is a very limited release "Lost & Found" on Micro Cassettes (as known from dictaphones or answering machines) showing a more drone based approach, build up on the one hand from recordings, that were "lost" or unconsciously given away on old tapes purchased on flea markets or on the internet and on the other hand consists of sounds, "found" deep in the devices - from hardware synths and effects to software on both PC and mobile devices - already in use in the Alarmen studio but this time in new approaches.

latest releases

lost and found (micro mc)
physical versions already sold out, released on audiophob. Digital version still can be purchased here.

xenoform (netrelease)
remixes of the latest album, released on audiophob. For details see here.

xenotop (cd)
current fulltime album, released on audiophob. For details see here.