full releases/splits

xenoform (micro mc)

Cover Lost and Found
released: 31.03.2021
label: audiophob, auphmc001

xenoform (mp3)

Cover xenoform
released: 28.08.2020
label: audiophob, auphnet022

xenotop (cd)

Cover xenotop
released: 27.09.2019
label: audiophob, auphcd032

constants and changes (mp3)

Cover Constants and Changes
released: 09.10.2013
label: audiophob, auphnet015
tracks: follow me, about to run, memories lost

next (cd)

Cover Next
released: 09.10.2009
label: audiophob, auphcd013
tracks: next 01 ... next 07

a ghost and a bottle of wine (mp3)

Cover A ghost and a bottle of Wine
released: 26.09.2007
label: audiophob, auphnet004
tracks: ghost 01 ... ghost 06

beware of fake pills (mp3)

Cover beware of fake pills
released: 06.10.2006
label: audiophob, auphnet001
tracks: beware of fake pills

there's no place like hoan (cd)

Cover Theres no place like hoan
released: 13.06.2006
label: audiophob, auphcd005
tracks: we cure any disease, feeling better is not a dream, wicked drugs to keep you go, wer sucht der findet, please her all night long, three inches longer, thomas edison didn't have time for it, feeling better is not a dream (mandelbrot remix), rocken roal (skab remixed by alarmen)

alarmen / spherical disrupted split (cdr)

Cover Split
released: 08.05.2003
label: audiophob, preauph08
tracks: alarmen - fluffy flower print toilet paper; spherical disrupted - respawn / throttle / delta / peak

demo 10/02 (cdr)

No Cover
about 10-15 copies
released: 03.10.2002
no label
tracks: lost fragments, sooner or later, marble aid, deine haare, ppas, calm down, roundabout
only given to labels, friends and friendly labels. ;-)

automata (3" cd-r)

Cover Automata
first edition (9 copies in special plastic packaging and black bag)
second edition (50 copies in special plastic packaging)
released: 07.09.2002
label: audiophob, preauph06
tracks: automata

betriebsdruck vs. alarmen: alarmbetrieb (cdr)

Cover Alarmbetrieb
released: 30.03.2001
label: neuhaus 13
tracks: ultra-cereal, tubs-cavil, useful-chider, unrips-ohart, dent-tender, hin-weg, bdvsal-remix


maschinenfest 2009

pflicht043 Cover
alarmen track: wenn schon, dann aber richtig (Bitstream Version)
released: 09. october 2009
label: pflichtkauf, pflicht043


alarmen track: colorless green ideas sleep furiosly
released: 13.03.2009
label: industrial meeting, IM14

maschinenfest - the 10th anniversary jubilee celebration present 2008

ikon100 Cover
alarmen track: wenn schon, dann aber richtig
released: 05. october 2008
label: ant-zen, ikon100


Hyperakusis Cover
alarmen track: amazing rapid growth, make your day
released: 02. october 2008
label: audiophob, auphcd010

3 years of d.i.y. (cd-r)

No Cover
alarmen track: maquinista obscura
released: 30. august 2008
label: le petit machiniste, lpm012

hover (cd-r)

Cover Hover
alarmen track: consider pain gone
released: april 2005 (at least i think so)
label: bastet records, br033

elektroanschlag (2cd)

Cover Elektroanschlag
alarmen track: relief from pain
released: 01.04.2005
label: 2b4 records

sonic-arts inspiration (cd)

Cover Sonic-Arts Inspiration
alarmen track: anagrom ataf
released: january 2005
label: liquid harsh

-∞ dB

Cover auphcd001
alarmen tracks: s-cape, body shot 1
released: 30.04.2004
label: audiophob, auphcd001

neuhaus 13 sampler vol.2 (cdr)

No Cover
alarmen track: 140703d
released in 2004
label: neuhaus 13

lambda (tape in petri dish)

Cover Lambda
limited edition of 100 copies
alarmen track: deine haare
released: 01.02.2004
label: megahertz

dssg sampler 2 (cd)

Cover dssg2
alarmen track: marble aid
released: 01.04.2003
"label": dssg

neuhaus 13 sampler(cdr)

Cover Neuhaus 13 2002
alarmen track: roundabout
released: 06.09.2002
label: neuhaus 13

kaskadeure vol. 1 (cd in dvd-box)

Cover Kaskadeure 1
alarmen track: new ways
released: 02.01.2002
label: error 315, ERROR02

dssg sampler (cd)

Cover dssg1
alarmen track: alarmen vs. betriebsdruck - hypostase
released: 25.06.2001
"label": dssg


neverending days (end of the year remix)

Cover 13 years of melancholia
original by: the negativity bias
released: 18.11.2022
label: audiophob, auphcd041

twice a man (alarmen remix)

Cover GU EP
original by: the negativity bias
released: 04.03.2018
on: gu ep
label: audiophob, auphnet018.2

galaxy bulge (frozen mix)

Cover EA8
original by: spherical disrupted
released: 30.03.2012
on: elektroanschlag 8 - final edition
label: no label
also released on: "Quasar Complete"
label: audiophob, digital bonus tracks for auphcd012

some solitude remains (some altitute remix)

Cover Mandelbrot Remixed
original by: mandelbrot
released: 4.11.2010
on: mandelbrot remix (remix download release)
label: audiophob, auphnet010

otoscope (mix by alarmen)

Cover Otoscope
original by: all audiophob artists
released: october 2008
label: audiophob

leinen los (obligatorisch zu hören remix by alarmen)

original by: architrav
released: june 2007
on: arctic museum (dcd)
label: polymorph records

dcdisk (alarmen commune coma shootout remix)

No Cover
original by: kiew
first released as mp3-download on the kiew-homepage, later released as "anstalt audio files I"

stimulated harddisk

Cover Klopfzeichen
rework of basic material from stimulus response
released: 25.02.2004
on: klopfzeichen (cd-r in metal-box, limited 100 copies)
no label

forever (alarmen remix)

No Cover
original by: unlearn
never released

pathos (full moon remix)

Cover Kontingent
original by: spherical disrupted
released: 14.02.2003
on: kontingent (remix dcd)
label: audiophob, preauph08

glaube (alarmen remix)

Cover Heimat
original by: conscienta peccati
released: 01.2001
on: heimat (4cd set)
label: fusion audio recordings, fus016

everything else

body shot 1 (sick en for remix)

Cover Additional Diagnosis
released: 13.04.2010
on: additional diagosis (mp3 release)
label: krater recordings, KR00-002